Sunday, January 20, 2008


Trafficera is really unlike any other traffic exchange, and in fact, it goes way beyond a traffic exchange to provide several other features and services that truly make it A MUST FOR ANY INTERNET MARKETER.
For instance, as a member of trafficera, you will now be able to:

  • promote your website(s) to thousands of people worldwide ... every day!

  • create valuable contacts with others from around the world

  • maintain your own blog space

  • search for other members that share similar interests to yourself

  • create and/or participate in exciting discussion groups

  • create and/or participate in a team of members working together to compete against other teams

  • compete against all other members in the program for weekly rewards

  • create your very own splash pages and promote them to millions of people worldwide

  • promote your banners using our independent banner network that reaches millions of viewers around the globe

  • and even more!
I am JazLive Team Leader of JazJets, my goal is to build Teams; turnover leadership then form a Club with formerly lead Teams to 'win jackpot credits'
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Anonymous said...

I have turned over leadership of JazJets to MC10Q

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