Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marching Band Uniforms for Martin Luther King, Jr. Marching Lions

Greetings Family, Friends, Business Colleges, DeVry Alumi, Former co-workers and On-line Associates:

First I like to apolygize for a second submission of a discussion link in regard to new band uniforms for MLK Marching Lions to some of you listed in this email.

I am excited for the 2008 - 2009 school year for MLK in general and the Marching Band in particular for I have a son, who plays Alto Sax, Trumpet and will be adding Basson in the Fall for the concert season who is a rising senior.

His last two years of high school reminds me of my own. I was a marching band member of Oconee High and Dublin Jr. High.

For those who are interested, I would appreciate your support in a letter submission campaign. I have proposed a form letter that can be submitted simply by placing your address and signature on a letter; then mailing it in. Simply respond to me via email SUBJ: MLK Band Uniforms or in the discussion link. The form letter can be attached in an email response or made available in the discussion link.

The form letter was proposed in a Band Booster meeting yesterday and has to be prepared and approved by the Band Booster Board. In the meantime, I am asking for your support by forwarding this email to anyone that supports High School Bands.

I am also on the fundraising committee. Your donations will be appreciated and can be submitted directly to MLK Marching Lions on-line via PayPal.

Your time and attention in this matter is appreciated

Jan Green
Proud Parent of an MLK Student

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