Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cumulative Paid Mail Earnings ~ $44,562.00

I started with AglocoMails five months ago; then added Bank-o-Mails and then MoneyMails. To date, cumulative earnings is in excess of $44,000.

I will not tell a lie, the ONLY earnings I have spent is from MoneyMails! Minimum cash payout to FREE Members is $25,000; however, earnings can be immediately used on advertising. The minimum cash payout in AglocoMails and Bank-o-Mails for FREE Members is $20,000 and earnings is not available to spend. Click on this post title to view how close I am to the "minimum FREE Member payout" in AglocoMails and Bank-o-Mails; sign-up at the banners on the site to start your Free Member earnings.

As a FREE member in all of the programs, a minimum balance has to be reached prior to payout, i.e., Google AdSense minimum payout is $100.

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