Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conversions ~ SignUps

You know your traffic exchange programs works when surfing membes convert (sign-up) for your AglocoMails offering. The site list urls and totals from where your recruites signed up.

Click on the post title to see where my 50+ recruites whose AglocoMails activity contributed over $10,000 to my accumulated earnings.

Aglocomails Referral Contest till 25,995 members!

All winers will be paid via Eg/PP/MB/SP or Check. Good Luck !

AglocoMails has ZERO RipOff Reports

This is their Referral Contest Offering:

1st. place 15,000$USD
2nd. place 5,000$USD
3rd. place 2,000$USD
4th. place 1,000$USD
5th. place 500$USD
6th. place 200$USD
7th. place 100$USD

As of this post, October 21, 2008, there are 23,624 active members; 7th place has recruited 198 members.

Only 2,374 members to go til the 25,995th active member. Plenty of referrals to catch and past the current 7th place holder!

Are You are an Active AglocoMails Member
and have not promoted
Your Referral Link?

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