Sunday, November 9, 2008

JazJets Newest Team Members

New Team Members!

Scroll across their graphic to visit their Website

Team Leader - MC10Q

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Have several people you network with daily? Pull them all together; promote together and receive rewards of building a closer on-line relationship.

TrafficEra allows members to build their own teams of twenty-five members, so say if you have great network partners in different communities and they are promoting on-line ~ You have a good start for a Surfing Team.

JazJets is a Surfing Team in the TrafficEra Community. Unique differences in this team than any other Team on the TrafficEra site are:

* Team is featured outside of the community

* Members have their own web site linked to their photo or graphic

* I personally offer assistance in helping a team member become a Team Leader

* I am willing to create, initial, HTML code to feature their Team in a blog

Benefits of Team Surfing:

1) Team Members are motivated to advertise more

2) Have the option of promoting the Team in Traffic Exchanges (this helps with photo or graphic recognition ~ Branding)

3) TrafficEra Community Members that Surf on other Exchanges will recognized your Team and become drawn to Your Team Group Postings or Your Profile blog in the TrafficEra Community

Let's get started today, with Your Surfing Team - FREE

~ Sign-up for TrafficEra (banner at the top)
~ Send Your referral link to Your network
~ We can Surf (You can promote your website - Free) and chat to name
Your Team while we wait for Your network to Sign-up via Your Referral Link


Dhemz said...

thanks for the visit..wish you could add a shoutbox on your page...hope to be here more often

Anonymous said...

ShoutMix boxes are published on severa other blogs. Internet Love Caravan and JazLive Visits

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