Friday, March 27, 2009

Supplier Financial Health Manager ~ Detroit, Michigan

Supplier Financial Health Manager
Responsible for developing, implementing and leading a proactive process to identify suppliers with potential financial issues. The position includes developing financial criteria, implementing tools for identification, monitoring risk ratings, and coordinating companies actions to mitigate identified risks in a timely manner.

Develop and implement improved global processes to proactively identify suppliers with elevated risk due to potential financial stress. Identify and evaluate measurement criteria and strategic alternatives. Research and define best practices. Drive implementation of global SWAT meetings (similar to existing NA Braking & Steering meetings) for communication and monitoring. Obtain D&B data, load into VIN system. Run D&B and Credit Risk Monitor (CRM) reports, as required. Assign risk ratings based on established criteria. Manage existing D&B high risk supplier review process, including supplier rating summaries. Coordinate periodic global commodity conference calls to review ratings and supplement critical information. Perform detailed supplier financial analysis, as required. Update risk ratings. Lead Supplier Financial Health (SFH) and Distressed Supplier Management Processes (DMSP), update work instructions and supporting documentation, as necessary. Provide ce! ntral point of contact for SFH and DMSP questions and issues. Cascade SFH and DSMP training to global Purchasing organization. Monitor and report on distressed suppliers, including action plans, status updates, and costs incurred by the company. Lead annual D&B contract renewal process. Investigate and review the use of other outside service companies (i.e. BBK, CMD, etc.).

Act as a liaison between Purchasing, Legal and outside services/counsel. Enhance current communication process in the VIN system to alert buyers when regional supplier issues surface. Define and report metrics on a monthly basis. Assist with the completion of the SFH Worksheet. Adjust worksheet questions and ratings, as necessary. Attend seminars and webinars to keep current on industry issues. Perform general research, as needed. Develop and publish VIN supplier Criticality Level metrics.

Must have a minimum of 8-10 years financial statement analysis experience. Have a proven ability to work independently and obtain goal-oriented results; computer literacy; a high level of independent judgment and strong communications; analytical and leadership skills. Ability to represent the company in a professional manner on technical issues.

Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Certified Public Accountant license and/or MBA preferred.

More details and application info at JazLive Network. Click on blog post title to access.

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