Sunday, January 3, 2010

MegaMac Challenge

Win ALL of this Gear!

• The challenge starts today and ends January 31st, 2010.
• The person with the most valid new referrals during the contest period will win.
• Your referral Twitter accounts must be over 120 days old by contest end (you can’t just setup a bunch of Twitter accounts and refer yourself).
• Referrals prior to today do not count. Everybody starts fresh!
• Valid to U.S. Residents 18 years of age and older only. Void where prohibited by law.
• Do not use Twitter bot spamming (or any spamming for that matter) to drive registrations. Doing so will make you ineligible, you will be reported to Twitter and your SponsoredTweets account will be suspended.
To start simply click the Sponsored Tweets icon and sign in with your current twitter account.
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