Tuesday, August 28, 2007

George "Funk Master" Clinton

In 1956, the Doctor of Funk, George Clinton, emerged from a Barber Shop, in Newark, N J. to form a Do Wap group - Parliament

Mission: Expanding the mind, beyond the limit of tradition so one could find oneself. Anything beyond oneself can be removed via vibes of Funk.

The group broke from traditional Do Wop and R&B to a Rock style mix.

The group's first hit record, "Testify" in 1967, was the first step toward leading "Citizens of the Universe" to a freer mind.

In 1968, Parliament changed the group name to Funkadelic and lead the charge through rapidly changing music; volatile political times; rein of hippies; riots and Viet Nam.

Jimmy Hendrix inspired Dr. Funk with the idea of controlled guitar squeals.

Dr. Funk discovered the bridge niche the sound of Funkadelic, when their equipment had not arrived for their gig. Vanilla Fudge, loaned them their set-up.

The Funkadelics, for the first time, performed with state-of-the-art equipment. They forged the bridge to Roc-a-Jazz Funk; then on to the Mothership Connection!

When the ship landed, Dr. Funk walked-it-out to Sir Nose and Bop-Gunned Him to the "Funk Opera" -- then used the Flash Light to guide the "State-of-Mind" into P Funk!

I wish I had more time to improve the "smell" of this mix.

Parliament and I, arrived on the planet in the same year. Yes, people I am the "space girl" a nickname Uncle Horace gave me.

My favorite album:

My favorite cute: "May We Bang You?"

Visit: The Master Funkateer


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