Saturday, September 29, 2007

Re: JazLive: Sept 26 stats update & get to know relache


Jaz Live Cash Culture

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Subject: JazLive: Sept 26 stats update & get to know relache
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 07:00:00 -0700


Hi JazLive,

Here's an updated view of your Hub statistics:
  • Your Hubs have been viewed 1013 times
  • Your highest HubScore: 82
  • Comments posted to your Hubs: 18
  • Number of thumbs-up votes: 6
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HubPages Announcements

Two quick things this week:

1. New find-a-friend feature during signup. Now, new users on HubPages will be able to match up their address books to see who they know is already on HubPages. This allows our newest users to immediately become a fan of people they already know. If you would prefer not to be recognizable using the email-search functionality of this feature, please edit your profile and uncheck the "Allow other users to contact you?" box.

2. We've expanded our Forums! We've added 13 new topic areas from Arts to Travel, for you to discuss your favorite topics with other Hubbers. These will give you an opportunity have a free-form discussion beyond the scope of your Hubs. Please note the Forum rules of conduct - no promotional links to other sites, please!


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