Saturday, August 16, 2008

Google AdSense Falling due to the Recession - Yeah Right

Click on the title to read their version. It was published in April 2008.

This is my version:

Pennies makes dollars. That does not mean anything to the individual that is trying everything to make it to the first minimum Google payout; however, the efforts of thousands losing their pennies via suspended Google AdSense accounts adds up to millions of dollars. I am surprised there is not a massive outcry from thousands whose accounts have been suspended practically at the point of expecting to get paid.

Yes, I am one in a million whose account has been suspended; however, I am fortunate my on-line interest was not to earn from Google Ads; but to promote AdlandPro. Adding Google Ads was a penny supplement to my on-line efforts. I have never been paid by Google; however, I have been paid by AdlandPro and Show n Find.

Google made a bad investment when they purchased Double-Click for the company was perforated with lawsuits from affiliates who won their cases. 3 billion was shelled out or the acquisition. That's a lot-o-pennies earned that will not be disbursed. I also knew a couple of investors who were elated shortly after the acquisition because their stock increased but then fell drastically within a year of their stock boom.

I believe Google is robbing time from 10s of thousands just like eBay for the purpose of earning a decent income because there are too many participants; the sites tweak to favor those who are established and rob from those who are new in the business by redirecting their potential client to the established ones and there is the "skimming of funds" for personal increase. Granted it is necessary to fund operations; however, greed will eventually crash your on-going concern.

Radfish blogged a complaint where there was hundreds of links pointing to an article: "Google PageRank Losses for Hundreds of Websites" that was written and returned hits by several search engines; however not ONE hit via Google. I suppose a management reasoning is not to return hits on one own site unless the search is sales related. I am glad Goggle in not the ONLY search engine for the Internet would be too censored.

If you live in the south east region of the USA - keep up the FLEA MARKETS! You are smart to distribute inventory directly to the buyer and collect at the time of distribution vs. diminishing in the net worth of the sale via eBay and Google Ads fees.

NOTE: To Google, your correspondence questioned who was helping me. The answer is practically no one. I have been a multi-tasking insomniac since leaving Uncle Sam on October 17, 1975.

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