Monday, October 27, 2008

AA Turbo Prize for a JazJet Team Member!

The Original AA Turbo Charger with 10 adapter Leads -- accommodates a variety of popular cellular phones.

Team Leader - MC10Q
A TrafficEra Team!

No Fees to Participate ~ International Community is Welcomed

How to Win AA Turbo?
  • Join TrafficEra
  • Accept Team Invitation from MC10Q on the site
  • Participate in AglocoMails Referral Contest (details in TrafficEra Group "JazJets")

If You are already a TrafficEra Member and not currently participating in AglocoMails' Referral Contest, I am also giving away an AA Turbo to My AglocoMails referral that recruites the most members.

I am giving away THREE AA Turbos:

  1. A JazJet Team Member who recruites the most AglocoMails Members
  2. My AglocoMails referral that recruits the most AglocoMails Members
  3. The Team Member or My AglocoMails Referral's 1st line recruit that has recruited the most AglocoMails members when the 25,997th shows "active" on the AglocoMails site.

I was a former AA Turbo Associate before the company folded and still have inventory.

AA Turbo Winner ~ Responsible for Shipping

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