Saturday, November 29, 2008

MoneyMails earnings reinvested in Advertisement

I have earned over $40,000 on this site; which allows immediate use to members for advertising.

11/12/2008 17:03 Paid to Click / 2000 PTC -7,000.00
10/25/2008 12:14 Referral Bonus (opchoo) 25.00
10/18/2008 12:59 Paid to Click / 1000 PTC -4,000.00
10/11/2008 10:43 Paid to Click / 1000 PTC -4,000.00
10/05/2008 12:38 Paid to Click / 1000 PTC -4,000.00
09/26/2008 14:46 Paid to Click / 1000 PTC -4,000.00

I reinvested earnings on the following ad:

VIEWS: 8,559
CLICKS: 2,000
CTR: 0.250 to 1
LAST VIEWED: 11/24/2008 15:06
COST: $7,000

Was it worth it? Absolutely! I am also a traffic exchange affiliate at AdlandPro, where I earn cash. I am Team Admin for Team Jaz Jets ~ the ad gave the Team and me the following benefits:

  • new AdlandPro Affiliate sign-ups
  • AdlandPro bonus ad credits Logo display
  • brand exposure for Adlandpro and Jaz Jets
  • employment contact for interested Oil Engineers
  • and more


Denise said...

Wow...this is interesting.

love-ely said...

Congratulation to you.

jazleads said...
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jazleads said...

MoneyMails is an excellent to advertise monetized sites without actually rotating the site ~ just the banner or TEXT will suffice. All banners and TEXT are 100% clicked by members. This is how they earn. Each member can ONLY click advertised banners and TEXT once daily.

Brenn said...

money money.. i want to learn about that :)

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