Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advertisement Readers over 25,700 ready to read Your Ads


I am one of over twenty-five thousand members who who read AglogoMails advertisements.

We are motivated to check in daily to earn from reading ads. To date, my earnings:

Total Cash Balance: $ 38,433.00

Account Transaction History
Cash in USD
12/25/2008 12:11 Paid To Click Earnings 2,150.00
12/24/2008 15:03 Downline Earnings 18,270.00
12/22/2008 03:22 Paid Mail Earnings 17,900.00
11/11/2008 03:14 Referral Bonus (yeishere) 1.00

Members can only read advertisers ads once per day.

Members also earn from Referrals (Downline Earnings) and also earn one dollar to recruit members.

Post title is linked to my AglocoMails earnings blog.

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