Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shawn M. Casey ~ Mining Gold on the Internet

Jon Casimir wrote a blog post on June 10, 2003; titled "Behind the spam scam". This post title is linked to the entire article.

  • highlights long sales pitch to front fees via credit card
  • redirects to another URL which asks for personal information to be contacted later
  • "collect my free vacation voucher too (an old-fashioned con - just the free-vacation Google scam if you want to know more)"
  • this poster even mentioned a company called "Juvio" ~ I am familiar with this site

** personally, I believe these scam sites have partners (or an alternate self-account) to buy a product or two from unsuspecting prospects, just to have them go head-over-heals to invest in their promotional items like a pyramid and/or ponzi schemes; then volunteer family friends and any other email address they can offer the to the "owner's information Monster" to build their data base to sell to others; which perpetuates on-going spam emails.

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