Tuesday, January 27, 2009

U.S Consumer Law Center ~ Home Owner Help

U.S. Consumer Law Center is one of the Nation’s leading Loan Modification and Loss Mitigation Companies.

  • have assisted thousands of homeowners in avoiding foreclosure and keeping their homes
  • have an Institutional Services Division that works with Lenders and Government Entities

What U.S. Consumer Law Center can do for You

  1. Notify lender you are represented by a Loan Modification Advisor
  2. Complete a financial analysis of your situation
  3. Prepare a case to present to your lender
  4. Help you create an effective hardship letter
  5. Prepare a property value report
  6. Present your package to your lender
  7. Negotiate a new lower payment
  8. Provide a modification agreement


Jay said...

I think there is a lot of help out there for home buyers – take Taylor Morrison for example. I just started working with them to buy a my first home and I’ve found their agents dedicated and committed to finding the right home for my budget. I really recommend them, and when you request information from their website (http://dreambig.taylormorrison.com/?utm_source=bc) you’ll be entered in to a contest to win a dream vacation.

Hot Conversions said...

Home buyer's help ~ thanks for the info Jay!

Leif Anderson said...

This is great Jaz. I created a feed to this blog on my my blog so everyone can see that I am trying to help to.

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