Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Victimized by AmeriPlan?

Two years ago, the following paragraph drew scores of comments for and against AmeriPlan.

"According to the personal experience of a former Ameriplan Representative's Rip-off Report, a group of self-employed contractors [who are in my close personal network], a dismissed broker of AmeriPlan and a Federal Reveiw, impresses me like the scandal of the AL Williams [A no name company, led by a high school football coach revolutionized the life insurance industry.] scandal in the 70s."
More representatives of the company comented more on the publication after cancellation information was disclose to readers which is:

To cancel your AmeriPlan ® membership or your AmeriPlan ® IBO status, send an email to stop@stopmembership.com that states your desire to cancel along with your name and member or IBO number. Your cancellation will take effect 30 days from when you send the email so you will be charged one more time.
Excerpt Quote's from AmeriPlan Victims:

hielero55 says:
9 months ago

its a scam - i got scammed- they stole my money - emphasis is NOT on selling the discount card- it is on building the pyramid - the discount card is useless- call the corporate hotline and ask for the exact dollar amount of the discount on a given prescription and they will tell you that they do not know - pyramid scheme all the way -


Navarre says:
9 months ago

My area apparently only has 3 providers. So, for those of you who believe in AmeriPlan, would this be a worthwhile business opportunity? How would an IBO prosper with AmeriPlan in a location with so few providers?


Daryl says:
9 months ago

I was scammed. I was told it would save me discounts on prescriptions. After changing over to Ameriplan from Walgreens, the prescriptions cost more money with Ameriplan than when I started with Walgreens. I was told I would get a refund.....then I was told to wait thirty days for the refund. After 45 days (today) and no response to my emails or phone calls, I'm told 'sorry, we don't give refunds". For those of you who want to give me negative response, feel free to refund my $95 if you believe in Ameriplan. To me it cost me money = scam.


Paul Sims says:
7 months ago

Having just been taken to the cleaners by Ameriplan I can tell you that many of these postings are simply done - at the suggestion of the teams - inorder to sell or scam more people. They particularly suggest that you use software to do automatic article submissions so that you only write one article and it goes multiple places. This is just one of the multiple ways they tell you to do business. For every one of their people who truly did make big bucks, and it is interesting that every one of those 100's of emails an IBO gets from them that list of names never seems to change, their had to be many people like me to make that happen. What's legal may not necessarily be right. If you can stomach taking people, it will probably work for you, me I would rather be able to sleep at night.


Nick says:
6 months ago

If you think Ameriplan is a Scam, you are stupid and retarded. Learn the real information before you start saying things you don't know first hand!

I've been with Ameriplan for 2 months, and have made over $4,500. And sure, Ameriplan does charge back your ADVANCE pay if the member cancels, but Ameriplan has a 90% retention rate, and I have yet to see one of my members cancel. So learn the facts before you dis-regard the company.

Lydia says:
6 months ago

For Nick, who's been with AmeriPlan for 2 months, and all the other deceived people on this site, let's get serious. AmeriPlan has never had a 90% retention rate nor will it ever. It's crazy to think that is possible of any multilevel marketing plan.


From: "Kimberli (via HubPages)"



Subject: Ameriplan

Date: Sat 07/18/09 05:21 AM

Well, most of the posts are about working for them I think. I joined Ameriplan for the discounts and have never used it. I have tried to cancel it 3 times. They continue to take 49.95 out of my bank monthly and they don't even have the correct card information anymore. They purposely push the sale through. They sent me two letters once when my card was legitamately expiring to get the updated info then another time with a bogus expiration date for my card again asking me to update my card expiration. I did not do this thinking they would stop charging my card. Nope !!! $2400 and 2 years later they are still going strong with the deductions from my account! No wonder the reps don't think it's a scam! Do you know if I can hire an attorney to get my money back?
Nick C says:
4 months ago

I had ameriplan one month and cancelled it. The plan is not very good for consumers, and they have also created a Sprint account and put me in debt for an extra $331 dollars. I have no idea how to fight those con artists.


Rosie says:
3 months ago

Tend to believe alot of so-called customers on this site are actually IBO's, trying to promote instead of inform. Unfortunately hard to tell who's being honest for honesty's sake. Just visited the BBB site, Ameriplan is no longer accredited with the BBB. Any of you above can legitimately tell me why, I will re-think my negitive view of Ameriplan.
Jim K says:
3 months ago

I am a former associate. The dental part will save you some money on fillings and cleanings and such. I was not happy with my crowns but I did get them for about 1/2 price. I sold the plan passively for about 7 years but there is not a lot of money in it. Very limited dentist choices. There are 2 options in my county. Prescr Iiption and medical is a joke.
Nilton says:
3 months ago

My friend has AmeriPlan. We tried lot times to contact the doctors on their providers list...most of them didn't answer, or it was an answering machine.. couple doctors that answered, don't participate on the AmeriPlan...

I guess this is scam!!!

Comments from non-reps nor cosumers:

Bloomer says:
6 months ago

Though the website is not user friendly, I found out all I needed to know about Ameriplan. Just go to the Better Business Bureau website and you'll see: www.bbb.org/US/ When page comes up, select "for consumers" then when page comes up "check out business" then when form comes up enter only one thing, the name: Ameriplan USA and then click on "Search" A list will come up and click on the first one, Ameriplan corporate, click on that and right there before you is their BBB Relaibility Rating: a big fat "F" Then they proceed to explain why: 201 complaints for: difficulty cancelling service, misinforming about available providers (and it ain't just in Montana, though that should be a huge red flag!), and the best one: "unauthorized charges". Also, IBO's (the poor folks that got hooked into this me$$) having trouble cancelling their business "opportunity".

So there it is. You can't just go to BBB, put in the name and hope it comes up because they are NOT members! Someone mentioned 16 years - what a laugh. The evil twins (aka Dennis & Daniel) schemed for years before they hit on Ameriplan and prospered greatly. Now much of that gorgeous headquarters is in the dark (been on a "tour" lately?) The mortgage arm run by the "fiancee" of one of the twins is gone. So are a lot of the customer service people. So are the folks that used to recruit for more providers. Yep. All 200 or so of them. Health care reforms are coming and with them the end of the Ameriplan gravy train. Let's face it. Most decent dental and medical providers wouldn't touch this with a 10-foot pole because the fees are ridiculously low. If you join, be sure you check out the provider before you go. If you go to the yearly meeting, look around you: most of those people won't be back next year.

Rogaine 4 Ewoks says:
5 months ago

Yeah looks to me like everyone writing good things in New to the company. A few older members but I saw a news broadcast once that said any company asking you to pay to work for them is a fraud. I've never had a job where I had to pay the company monthly to be there. Maybe a union but not the company.
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Laura said...

Wow! This brings back memories of when I first started researching Ameriplan 2 years ago. I found this same propaganda and did it almost scare me off - Oh you Better Believe It! Luckily though, I researched further because what I found was that EVERY negative comment I came across was due to one of these reasons: a misunderstanding, not a good fit in the first place, not following procedure, expecting get rich quick or little effort, not working the business consistently or being accountable for one’s own success, trying to reinvent the wheel and failing to be coachable and trainable, not giving the business a fair shot/giving up too soon, or (especially) just someone trying to promote their new venture using negativity to attract people and playing upon their fears.

From what I can tell, the purpose of this blog post appears to be the latter.

If anyone wants to know the FACTS, give me a call and I'll provide balanced and ACCURATE information about the company, the background of the BBB, how the programs work, the provider side, etc. etc. etc.

And Yes! I am an Ameriplan Independent Business Owner and have been since February 2008 - because of Ameriplan, I was able to escape the "Corporate America" rat race. I am VERY happy with my decision. No! this is NOT get rich quick and is NOT a JOB so there is some overhead and you get out of it what you put into it. I have many, many members that have saved thousands of dollars and many that have been with me since they originally signed on in 2008 - Retention boils down to knowing your product and educating people on how best to utilize the services.

Thank God! I didn't buy in to all that negative crap and did my due diligence basing my decision on FACTS that were eventually reaffirmed with personal first-hand knowledge and experience.

Anonymous said...

Laura, you should have looked up the definition of "propaganda" before you used it in your sales pitch.


1. publicity to promote something: information put out by an organization or government to promote a policy, idea, or cause
2. misleading publicity: deceptive or distorted information that is systematically spread


If you took the time to visit the original hubpage via the title link; there are close to 100 comments posted. About 70% are appears to be company representatives like yourself. I commend this post, showing comments from non representatives of the company.

Falling from an A to D rating is a RED FLAG to me.

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